• Acquiring real estate in London: the types & numbers

    UK Real estate market

    london-estateIn the UK, a Victorian house is any house built during the time of Queen Victoria's reign in any style of Victorian architecture. All these houses, standing out with slate roofs and protruding windows, Victorian houses make up about 70% of residential real estate in London. Municipal homes represent a form of public housing in the UK. Municipal residential houses were built and managed by local authorities to provide housing for the local population. In 2005, approximately 20% of such housing is owned by local authorities and housing associations. Construction of municipal residential buildings has decreased dramatically with the arrival of the Conservatives who spoke in support of homeownership. Importantly, council houses built in the 20-40-ies of XX century are quite suitable for comfortable living, especially if you are considering economy class options, while the houses of a later period are oftentimes smaller and less convenient. Municipal houses account for 20% of London's residential property. (more…)

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